What are the requirements for United Kingdom citizens applying for Vietnam visa?

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Vietnam visa for United Kingdom citizens

From July 1st, 2015 all the United Kingdom citizens don’t need visa for travelling Vietnam for a maximum of 15 days. After 2 years of disruptions caused by Covid-19, the Vietnam Government has resumed pre-pandemic visa exemption policies for United Kingdom citizens since March 15, 2022. The United Kingdom passport holders continue to enjoy 15 days of visa free travel in Vietnam beginning from their date of entry regardless of the kind of passport and entry purpose.

Do United Kingdom citizens need visa to Vietnam?

No, the United Kingdom citizens don’t need Vietnam visa for stays less than 15 days

The United Kingdom citizen is included in the visa exemption list; therefore, all the United Kingdom passport holders don’t need to a Vietnam visa for stays of no longer than 15 days. However, if the travelers wish to stay in Vietnam more than 15 days, they will need a visa.

What are the Vietnam visa requirements for United Kingdom citizens?

1. Passport:

The passport should satisfy following requirements:
– Have at least 2 blank pages to get visa sticky and stamp;
– Have at least 6 months validity from your date of arrival;

2. Photos:

– Have a white background;
– Be taken in the last 6 months;
– Eyes look straight on without glasses, photos should be taken clearly with the appearance of 2 ears;
– You will need to upload a colored recently taken portrait photo (4x6cm) and a passport data page photo at the Vietnam e-visa portal when applying for e-visa.

3. Printed visa approval letter (for visa on arrival):

Visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via www.emergencyvisavietnam.com must be printed to present at the airports for boarding the flight and getting visa stamped. When the time for check-in is running out you may need the printer service at the airport to print out the letter. If you don’t have enough time to print the visa approval letter you can use our visa fast track service. Our staff will print the visa approval letter and pick you up right after landing.

4. Stamping fee (for visa on arrival):

– Stamping fee for visa on arrival must pay in cash (VND or USD) not by credit cards, PayPal or any online payment method;
– Other currency will be converted to USD or VND using given exchange rates;
– There is no ATM, money changer or any other way to withdraw money in the immigration hall so that cash (25 USD for single entry or 50 USD for multiple entry) must be prepared in advance.
– For the e-visa application, full service fee will be paid when you applied for a visa, so that the cash is not required at arrival airport. Please note that the service fee of 25 would not be refunded in case your visa is denied by the Vietnam Immigration Department;

5. Entry and exit form (for visa on arrival):

– You can download the “Entry and exit form” at our website and fill in advance to save your time at arrival airport;
– The completed form will be submitted at the visa desk along with passport, visa approval letters and stamping fee;
– Learn how to fill in the Entry and exit form.

For visa applying at the Vietnam Embassy, an application form (which you can download at the Vietnam Embassy’s website or receive at its office) and a prepaid self-addressed return envelope if you wish to receive your passport and visa sent back by mail.

How to apply for Vietnam visa for the United Kingdom passport holders?

There are several ways for the United Kingdom citizens applying for Vietnam visa before departure. See below for details about each option:

1. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

The United Kingdom passport holders can apply Vietnam visa on arrival from anywhere outside of Vietnam. The visa will be picked up at Vietnamese airport after showing the printed visa approval letter and paying the stamping fee.

The approval letter will be sent via email within 2 working days (normal service), 8 working hours (urgent service), 4 working hours (super urgent service) or even 1 hour (last minutes service) depending on which option the applicant has chosen when submitting online application form.

How to apply for emergency Vietnam visa for United Kingdom citizens?

  • Step 1: Make a phone call or send a message to our hotline to ensure it is possible to arrange visa at the time you are calling. Our hotline is open 24/7 at the number +84.912.685.141 (telephone and Whatsapp) to support you
  • Step 2: Once you got a confirmation that the visa can be expedited at the time you call, you should take a copy of passport attached with the date of arrival, visa type (1 month or 3 months, single or multiple entry) and the flight details to send to the email vietnamvisabooking@gmail.com. If you are not too hurry you can spend couple of minutes to fill out the visa application form and check the entered information carefully before you submit.
  • Step 3: You will receive a link for payment from the visa agency where you can pay with credit cards, PayPal or bank wire transfer.
  • Step 4: After several hours, you will receive a visa approval letter delivered to your email. You need to print out the letter, bringing with your passport, recently taken photo and stamping fee to get on the plane.
  • Step 5: Upon arrival, you present all the documents at the visa counter, pay the stamping fee and get visa stamped onto passport within couple of minutes.

At present, visa on arrival is the best way to get a Vietnam visa, however it is available for those traveling Vietnam by air only. Applying visa on arrival is much faster and cheaper than applying visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in United Kingdom and more flexible than e-visa.

By using the Vietnam visa on arrival service, the United Kingdom citizens don’t have to wait too long to get a visa approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department which gives them permission to enter Vietnam.

2. Apply for Vietnam e-visa

This is new pilot visa system which has just official launched in February 2017. In order to apply for e-visa for Vietnam, the United Kingdom citizens will submit a file of passport copy, recent taken photo and pay full non-refundable visa fee.

Now, there are number of countries whose citizenship are eligible for Vietnam e-visa (please see full list here).

When applying for e-visa for Vietnam, please note that:

  • There is only single entry with validity of 30 days maximum for e-visa;
  • Payments for e-visa applications are non-refundable;
  • The applicants should check the information on e-visa again the passport carefully to make sure there is no mistake;
  • It normally takes 3 – 5 working days to complete an e-visa, but sometimes it may take longer if your visa application needs to be further verified by the Vietnam Immigration Department. If you already have your flight booked and the flight will start in next 1 – 2 days, you are suggested to select 2 working days service or even faster service of 1 working day or 4 working hours to receive an e-visa on time.

Vietnam visa fee (e-visa) in 2023

Visa typeCost per person (USD)
Normal service
(3 - 5 working days)
Rush service
(2 working days)
Urgent service
(1 working day)
Emergency service
(4 working hours)
Last minutes service
(2 hours service)
30 days single entry tourist visa (e-visa)$ 45$ 95$ 125$ 165$ 225
Stamping feeNot requiredNot requiredNot requiredNot requiredNot required

How to apply for an emergency Vietnam e-visa for United Kingdom citizens?

Step 1: Fill the visa application form then submit the files of passport data page and portrait photo.
Step 2: Pay the visa fee using your credit cards or PayPal.
Step 3: Receive an e-visa in 3 – 5 working days (normal service), or maximum 1 – 2 working days (urgent service) or even 2 – 4 working hours (emergency service).
Step 4: Print out the e-visa, bring along with your passport to get on the plane and present at the immigration counter to get entry into Vietnam.

3. Apply for Vietnam visa directly at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates

Those who want to get a Vietnam visa beforehand or who want to travel to Vietnam by land or sea, can go to the Vietnamese Embassy in United Kingdom to apply for visa directly:

Embassy of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom
Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, United Kingdom
Phone: (4420) 79371912
Fax: (44020) 7565385
Email: embassy@vietnamembassy.org.uk
Office hour: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 11.:30 AM; 13:00 PM – 17:00 PM

Frequently asked questions

+I am holding a British National Overseas (BNO) passports, can I travel Vietnam with visa free for 15 days?
No, you can not. The Vietnam visa waiver policy does not work for the holders of British National Overseas passports.
+I am an United Kingdom citizen residing in United Arab Emirates, am I eligible for Vietnam visa exemption?
Yes, you have 15 days Vietnam visa exemption, of course.
+Is it possible to extend my 30 days Vietnam visa exemption?
No, it is not possible to extend the 30 days visa exemption at present.
+How can I stay in Vietnam more than 30 days with my United Kingdom passport?
You must do the visa run by going to the 3rd countries (Laos, Cambodia or Thailand…) and then come back with new 30 days visa exemption duration.
+Can I return to Vietnam with visa exemption right away or have to wait 30 days between 2 entries?
Yes, you can. The regulation of 30 days interruption between 2 entries with visa exemption has been cancelled.
+How many times can I travel Vietnam with 30 days visa exemption?
There has no limitation of number entries on the visa exemption been informed.
+Can I return to Vietnam from Cambodia via land ports with my visa exemption?
Yes, you can. Vietnam visa exemption is good for the entries by any ports of arrival including airports (for air entry), border gates on land (for traveling by bus or train) or sea port (for traveling by cruise, ship).
+Is 3 months Vietnam tourist visa re-opened for the Singaporean citizens?
Not, 3 months Vietnam tourist visa has not been re-opened yet.