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Normally, the travelers have to wait 15 – 30 minutes for visa stamped onto their passport. Sometime it takes longer in rush hours when nearly all premium airlines demand similar arrival or departure times, thus unloading all their passenger towards the immigration lines at the same time. The travelers then have to wait to hours for their turn.

In order to shorten the visa on arrival process at arrival airport, we provide the visa fast track service that will be helpful in some cases:
– Those who travel Vietnam for the first time with visa on arrival;
– Those who apply for a rush visa and have no time to print out the letter of approval;
– Those who need to speed up stamping process up at Vietnam airport for other business;
– The elderly, infants or pregnant women;
– A big group of travel;
– Those who have connecting flight but closing time is too tight;
There are 2 kinds of visa fast track service available at present:

1. Normal fast track service

With this service, our agent will bring a welcome board with your name on waiting in front of the visa on arrival counter. When you see him, please hand over your passport, photo and stamping fee and he will complete visa stamp via a fast lane.
The normal fast track service fee is 25 USD (exclude the stamping fee)

– If you are hurry to get on the plane that you have no time to print out the visa approval letter, you may request us to print it out and bring it to the airport;
– If you don’t have photo ready, you may ask the agent to take you to the photo lab inside the airport to have photo taken and pay a little service fee for them.

2. VIP fast track service

Like the normal fast track service, the agent will assist you getting visa stamp without get line at visa on arrival counter, then he will escort you to luggage lounge and help you passing the customs checking counter.
If you have someone waiting outside with vehicle, you may ask him to contact the driver when the visa is ready.
The VIP fast track service fee is 40 USD (exclude the stamping fee)
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In any case, if your flight changed you will need to inform us 24 hours before the original date of arrival that we could arrange another fast track service without paying extra fee. If you are late to inform us, the fast track service will be cancelled and you have to order new service for your new entry.