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We provide emergency Vietnam visa service for those who need to enter Vietnam but they have a problem with entry visa. This problem usually happens when you did not have time to prepare a visa or forgot to apply a visa. We have also experienced the situation that the travelers get stuck at the airport because they did not know Vietnam visa on arrival will go along with pre-arranged approval letter. Sometimes, we find the travelers who applied for visa approval letter or e-visa in advance but it contains errors, typos or spelling mistakes.

There are several possibilities that put the foreigners into a rush situation of taking an urgent visa application for Vietnam, including:

1. The travelers do not apply for Vietnam visa in advance

Vietnam visa is required for almost travelers arriving to Vietnam, except the countries in the visa exemption list. Some people are busy with preparation for the trip and totally forget to apply for Vietnam visa. Some people believe they don’t need a visa to Vietnam like they are entering other Asian countries.
Please note that, if you are not in the visa exemption list, you will need a visa for Vietnam;
Vietnam has its own immigration policy that may not be similar to other Asian countries, that you will need to check the information carefully before arriving Vietnam.

2. The travelers do not know about Vietnam visa on arrival clearly

Unlike other Asian countries where visa on arrival is granted to the travelers at arrival airport directly, Vietnam visa on arrival will go along with pre-arranged visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. If you don’t have visa approval letter, you can not get on the plane thus you can not get a visa on arrival.

3. Visa approval letter or e-visa contains errors

You are suggested to check the visa approval letter (or e-visa) carefully as soon as you received it from the visa agency or visa portal. All the information stated on the visa approval letter must be correct as it displays on your passport. Any typos, errors or spelling mistake may cause a serious problem that you have to discard current visa approval and apply for new one. It would be costly as you just know that when the airlines officers inform you are not allowed to get on the plane.

4. The immigration policy on the visa waiver limitation

The citizens of countries which have unilaterally visa exemption agreement with Vietnam can stay in the country with visa free for less than 15 day. However, this is a free visa trip for the first entry only. In order to travel Vietnam with visa free again, the travelers have to wait at least 30 days from the last exit. Some people don’t know about this, they immediately take another visit to Vietnam without visa and they are stopped at the airport until they have a visa approval letter.

5. The entries on weekend or public holidays

The Vietnam Immigration Department doesn’t work at weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and public holiday. So if you travel Vietnam during these days with misfortune of having no visa approval letter arranged in advance, you can not get on the plane hence you can not obtain a visa at arrival airport. There won’t be problem if you have approval letter (or e-visa) ready in hand as the Vietnam visa counter at arrival airport opens 24/7 to issue a visa for the travelers.
See table below the Vietnamese public holiday in the year of 2020

DateHolidayNumber of days
January 1, 2020New Year Holiday01 days
January 23 to January 29, 2020Lunar New Year 2019 (Tet holiday)07 days
April 2, 2020Ancestor Hung King Commemoration01 days
April 30, 2020Reunification Day01 day
May 1, 2020International Labor Day01 day
September 2, 2020Independence Day01 days